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this game looks really interesting, just curious what software did you use to make this game? 

Is it the program we programmed the game in, the graphics program we used or the audio program you would like to know?

what you programmed it in.

Gamemaker Studio 2


(3) Requested VIDEO! - The ER Patient Typhoon Demo - YouTube

I played the demo, i loved it! cant wait for the full game

We are glad to hear. Thanks for sharing your video with us.

The game will launch first on Steam.

We hope you will have a nice day.
- John & Maria 


It's been a while, but finally got a video up :) 


I played the first one.... amazing!

I have now played THIS one.... MORE AMAZING!

I have now become invested in whatever the hell is going on!


I played through the demo and actually uploaded a video to my channel! First off, I want to say that you have something incredibly interesting and unique here. I am definitely looking forward to seeing more of this, and am quite impressed with how far you've come since the original project! I may have become a bit frustrated with the checkpoint system, but that does not mean that I did not enjoy the game. Keep up the great work, my friends! I will definitely return!


(Your video is not working at the moment.)

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My apologies for that, my friend! The video is up now! It was a scheduled upload.

I hope you enjoy my thumbnail!


Great demo! Loved the first one and glad to see this coming back, looking forward to the full version.

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Disclaimer: I actually didn't make it that far through on my first go through.

But from what I have seen leaves me with so many questions, the obvious one being what happened with the arms.

This game seems to be building something so far that catches my attention, I will be returning.

GGs  :)


The game's very atmospheric and interesting. I just wish that the game checkpoints after every major puzzle is completed. Otherwise, this is a very interesting game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.


Oh man, I remember playing the original back in 2019


it was really fun even if i did die....a lot.   thanks for bringing it to my attention.

It's cool to have you back for the new game. We will look forward to watch you die a lot later today.



Thanks for sharing. We will watch it later today.


This game... is so disturbing! I have no clue what's going on other then the photo that she was having fun and had "arms". Slowly the story progresses as you read the notes and... they seems to be doing experiments with animal parts?! There's a monster that took me couple times to get by. I need to find out more. Please release part 2!

Thanks for the nice words. We are glad you had a "good" time with the game. We will watch your video later today.

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It was amazingly atmospheric, it really feels like there's darkness hanging in the air. Quite terrifying, still can't say much about that since I haven't finished the demo, but as I said it's amazingly atmospheric. 

The problem would be in the creature which stuck on the top room and the tedious task you've to do when you die. Also, is there any safe button? Because it's quite hard for people that doesn't have much spare time to complete this demo in one go.

Edit: It seems I was really close to completing the demo. After crossing the fire the demo ends, which mean I didn't lose too much of a thing. Okay then, very cool

Hello, that task actually saves most of the progress when you die, it took me a while to realize that cause after dying from that monster a few times, when I went to look through the window I realized that it saved my progress and also I died a few times at first but that monster is actually very easy to get away from cause after getting the helmet if you go through the top row, you can easily get out of the room without the monster noticing you.

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Thanks, but I already know all of that!

What I'm talking about is the option to save the game. You know, people got things to do and have to left their computer for some hours. So I decided to quit the game, but apparently there isn't any safe option that I've to restart it from the beginning.

Edit: Ah! What do you know! I've watched your let's play a little bit and it turns out the game ends right after we cross the fire, so I was very close at that time. I think there's no need for me to do it again then.

Thanks for all your feedback and nice words. We appreciate it.

Yeah, as you found out, you were close to the end.

We can see the game runs a little slow on your pc. We have had the same problem with our small pc when we were trying to recored at the same time. Does the game run at normal speed, if you are playing and not recording at the same time?


I don't know if it's on the normal speed, but it does runs a lil' bit faster!

Okay. Thanks for checking.


Hello, I played this demo and it was really fun, I enjoyed it, I really liked the art style and the sound effects were also nice, it was kind of hard to get away from that monster at first but after a few tries I realized that it wasn't so difficult. Neat Demo, good work :) 

Thank you!

We are glad you shared your video with us. We will watch it a little later today.

Thank you :) I hope you enjoy the video!

You can enter that garage?!?

Well, well, it seems I missed that.