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This game was originally designed to only be played by a specific gamer, ManlyBadassHero. It is kind of an alternative demo for Anglerfish. If you're up for pretending to be a famous horror let's player, you can try to get the ending ManlyBadassHero didn't get when he played the game!


 Move = W,A,S,D

 Interact  = E

(Your ears will show when you can)

 Shoot = SPACE


The game only saves when you die. Every time you die, something changes. Every change is based on where and how you died. Go on an epic adventure only equipped with your trusted shotgun, your wit and your strong stomach for disturbing exploration. Can you survive a night at the bar, Anglerfish? 

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Anglerfish - A manly badass hunt.zip 359 MB


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this is actually cool and funny as hell

Thanks. :) It was fun to make this strange demo for Anglerfish.


Hi queenfaith. Thanks. Always nice to see you back playing one of our games. :)

Are the locations references to games Manly played? I recognized the hospital.

No. But what you say makes some sense. The game takes place in the world of Anglerfish, which is a game that will be released later this year. Manly have played the demo for that game. He has also played our The ER: Patient Typhon, which is the hospital you refer to.


oh dang ! i did not know he was there :D

He is everywhere!