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After playing The Anglerfish - The bachelor party
Write a comment and tell us how many phone numbers you got, and who you got them from.


Based on a true story
One of your friends from work is getting married. You're at his bachelor party with all of your colleagues at the bar, Anglerfish. It’s Look-a-like Thursday, so you fit in naturally with your schoolgirl uniform. You all have a friendly competition to see who will be the best man at the wedding. But your good time comes to an abrupt end, when the secrets of Anglerfish call for the last drink of the night.


A strange thing you should know
“It is when our expectations are broken that we feel life the most.”
- a secret character in the game.


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Good to you playing another one of our games. :)

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Your game design is so delicious, it’s just always fun to play, even if I am not even an action horror fan. I also loved the silly little details and looking at the game trailer, the full game will be wild! 

Apparently, I need to go back, though, going from the comments I missed a whole lotta demo, I thought I was done when I could pet the dog :D.

Also: I only got the wine mom’s number (& the toilet’s number but that probably doesn’t count). 

Genuinely was unsure about the combat system at first, felt a little overpowered with the dinosaur, but in those last waves of vampires, she came in clutch. Great game! 


Thanks for the feedback. :)


Love your style and your sense of humour!


what an amazing dating sim!! the characters are so cute and funny! 10000000000000000000/10

Thanks. ;)

Hey I'm Ryberus!

Loved the game was spooky, quirky and funny at times overall the demo was a blast to play, cant wait to see what you do in the future.

Glad you enjoyed. :)


It took me a hour but I managed to get the BARTENDERS NUMBER!!!!!!, It took forever but was worth the extra work. Love the graphics and the story I am really excited to get more numbers in the game 

We never knew you could get his number in the demo here?! Sometimes games have their own lives! Thanks for playing. :)

Oooooooh such a cute dating simmmmm Q-Q

Would love to see more<3

Also I'm possessed by a demon and made this thumbnail idk.


Always good  to see you. Thanks for playing. :)


I only got 3 numbers :( but I will persevere!!!!

More fun than I expected tbh. The art was cool and the animations were smooth. I definitely didn't get all of the numbers, some are a little complex. Here's my playthrough if you want to check it out!


I got ALL the phone numbers! (Even the Dog's!) The choice at the end broke my heart... I'm going to have to play through all the routes to feel satisfied. Great game, 10/10 recommend... unless you're terrible with the ladies! 

All the numbers ?! That is impressive!

Very unique and creepy game. Great job! 

A very peaceful game

Hey yall! Absolutely loved your game here! This is my kind of game! Witty, clever, and gorgeous! Nice details in the game, and I love the out of the blue random interactions! Thanks for letting us get down on this! Below is my gameplay.


Gave it a let's play. I can see an immense improvement in the art direction and animations and I'm impressed. Props! I'm just confused about why the lawn gnome and guinea pig are living in a shoe down by the river. I also got phone numbers from Sarah Connor, the Reptilian-in-disguise Agent who I couldn't identify with the drnik and from the stunning person who I very much figured out wrote their number in the bathroom stall who isn't a guy. Then I pet the dog.


It's just how Danish gnomes and guinea pigs live in Denmark. Thanks for an entertaining and nice message. :)


Great game 

Thanks! :)

Hilarious game. Wish I would have got the secret ending haha. I just saw it in the video below. Really enjoyed it. Looking forward to the whole thing!

There is more than one ending. There is actually an ending we have not seen anyone get. :o


this was so good and im excited ! i got the secret ending with the blond woman number and where the you dont pet the dog but he pets YOU !!!

hope you enjoy the vid and dont mind the anger within :D


Damn. You found the secret ending where the dog pets you?! We did not think anyone would find it! Thanks for trying our game and for sharing your video with us.


creepy funny

Thank you. :)


Pretty awesome game, its just a demo but its almost a full game on its own!

Couldnt get the first lady number, but almost all the others were totally score.

It have surprising mechanics and can talk a lot with people to advance in the game.

I got 17 numbers out of 20, sadly one was a skeleton who killed me right after.

a must try.

Thanks. ;)

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This was an interesting horror game about heading to Anglerfish with a bunch of masked with schoolgirl uniforms men to meet more girls at Anglerfish. The main character then proceeds to attempt to get all the numbers of the girls in Anglerfish but upon failing to do so, horrifying things start to happen in Anglerfish. The game has a really interesting storyline and quite a beautiful design for the environment of the bar. The game is quite difficult as well when it came to fighting with monsters and running from deadly traps but it made the game fun by stressing the player out while the player tries their best to get to the next part of the game. I am unsure if the game is supposed to end off the way it should when I played the game but I am looking forward to the full version of the game to learn more about what is actually happening in Anglerfish. (I have to say that the main character is really good in using the shotgun in the game XD)

Thank you for reading my comment and I wish you good luck in your future endeavours.