Thank you and the future of The ER

The ER hit 1.000 downloads on itchio!

Thanks to all of you who enjoyed it and told a bit about your experience. We appreciate all the attention and feedback you have given our little project. It warms our hearts and have given us a lot of energy to keep going with our work!

It's been great fun to watch that a lot of you got and enjoyed the little atmospheric horror experience we were going for. We would also like to thank those of you who thought the game was a bit overrated, but kept a nice tone in your feedback. Your thoughts were also interesting to hear.


We are in the middle of two other and much bigger game projects, that we soon will make some announcements about, but all the great feedback have given us the desire to turn The ER into a fleshed out "real" game. We have spent the last week doing the designs for how we on a small budget can take what The ER does well and bring it to the next level, and at the same time fill out the holes that The ER have. Like something about some missing arms. Perhaps you get the answer as to why you are missing them. It's not 100 % set in stone, but we will try a little later on to turn The ER into a atmospheric story driven horror game that you can throw a little bit of money after.

Thanks for playing.
John and Maria
Nordic Journey Maker


The 120 MB
Jan 21, 2019

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