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Can we give you a little scare in less than 10 minutes?

The ER is based on research within the field of mystery and the primitive instincts that are still deeply rooted in human biology to this day.

Put on your headphones and be our guineapig in our little horror experiment, if you dare.

Be a part of the research

After you are done with the game, we would appreciate it if you answer our questionnaire here. It only takes a few minutes and you will help our work writing a research paper on flow in narrative driven games.


THE FUTURE OF THE ER (updated 12  April 2021)

The ER: Patient Typhon on Steam:

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Thanks for playing and all the feedback.
John and Maria
Professional Villains
Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(17 total ratings)
AuthorProfessional Villains
TagsAtmospheric, danish, Horror, Monsters, Narrative, Short, Singleplayer, Walking simulator


The ER (1.02).zip 121 MB
The ER - music and graphic test.zip 147 MB

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i like this, is nice


Thanks. :)
If you do not already know, we've turned this little game game into a big game with better everything and released it on Steam. It's called The ER: Patient Typhon.


Good game !

What is your game engine ?



Gamemaker Studio 2.

Have you tried the demo for The ER: Patient Typhon?

I will try it on my channel !

Nice. We would appreciate it if you sent us a link when you have your video up so we can watch it. :)


just played it for my YouTube channel, 250 subs milestone reached this morning 



Thanks for sharing!

markiplier played this game in this video

3 scary games #19

Thanks for sharing. :)

Deleted 3 years ago

Thanks for the feedback and for sharing your video with us. We appreciate it.

The new The ER is progressing well. It will be a huge project compared to the first. We're building on all the parts of the first game that we and many of you really like.

Deleted 3 years ago

The ER Protagonist

i love him(her?) ( ;∀;),,

Good evening! I don't know if you are still active, but I have come to say that I enjoyed your game so much! It was chilling experience and I absolutely loved every second spent. The protagonist is very oddly cute(?)!! I want to know what happened to his(her?) arms.. I also feeled bad for Dying Man (´;︵;`)... But, I love this game so much, I was so happy when I read that you might possibly make it real, longer game! I will try your other games too because I believe they are just as amazing!!!1!

I wanted to draw the protagonist (Image appear above text for some reason).. My art's are not very good, but I hope one day you will get lots of better and very cool fanart from others!! (I also apologize for my bad English, I can speak better Japanese!,)


Thanks for sharing your lovely drawing with us. It made us smile.

The protagonist is a lady, and the few sounds she makes in the game is done by Maria, who is the artist behind The ER.

We have already made the first prototype for the new The ER, and we plan to go into full production on the new game in the first half of 2020. Right now our team behind The ER are working on a very different game (a dating adventure game) which is due for completion this year. When they are done they will start work on the new ER game.

 You can always follow us on twitter: @N_Journey_Maker

(Your English is much better than my Japanese, and we speak better Danish than English.)

- John

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Aaaa I am so happy that you like it!!! And thank you for post it on Twitter too! 🙏
I want to draw more soon! I will send on Twitter if I do (since itchio only let me attach a single image,)!

Oh, my!! :o 
I had the feeling protagonist were lady! I was just not sure so it was better to ask (笑lol)
I hope the lady get new arms someday,, she needs happiness too ( ;∀;)
Tell Maria that her art style is very great! 🙏🙏 I love how it is simple but impactful at the same time!

I am very hyped! I wish you lots of good luck on new ER and other game projects you are planning! And oh my!! A dating simulation adventure game? :00 In Japan we call them otome games! I would really love to play once it is out!! Will characters be pretty like ER lady?? (ӦvӦ。)

By the way, thank you for the fast reply! I am so happy to be noticed! You guys are among my favorite game developer teams!

We just put a demo out for our new game, The ER: Patient: https://professional-villains.itch.io/the-er-patient-typhon

We hope to see cool drawings from this game as well. ;-)


i would NOT recomend this game. and i'm actually surprised to see so much support here, and it makes me suspicious about it. This game is not scary and is not well made. When i see games like this around, i usually get hyped, cause i'm thinking "they did not focus too much  on graphics, so probably they put a lot of effort in the rest!" but often, like in this game i left disappointed.

Dont want to be rude here, but with the premise "can we give you a scare in 10 min" i was honestly  expecting "something" and i got nothing.  a guy without arms (thas was actually pretty cool) that just go straight left/right to found nothing and than up to be chased in a uninspired sequence to the end of the game.


Soo im going to play this on my channel in like a week for a 3 scary games seies i hope this game does not disappoint in scaring me (i apparently cant spell lol) 


I gotta hand it to you guys....no? Okay.But this game actually got me a little bit. Gameplay at 00:05 


Glad we could get you a bit.


I really enjoyed it!


Glad you did. And thanks for sharing!


An intersting game. We enjoyed it very much.

(not that scary)

Here is a short video we made while playing:

Glad you enjoyed it.



It's a videogame... Thanks for playing and sharing!


Your right it is! Fewww now I can sleep again I thought it was real 😆


Did the game give me a scare? well, only one way to find out :) 

We will be back, when we got the answer. Thanks for sharing.


No worries :)

I had fun. Thanks!



Ok you got me guys ... i got scared :/ But not because of a monster or anything like that, oh no no no! It was the damn door when it opened lol

Great short game you've made i have to say and i'm excited to see how will your secret project turn out!


Thanks for being the one that got scared by the door.

And just because we are a little crazy, we have three secret game projects we are developing. ;)


It was a nice door sound effect tho :) 

Three projects? Looking forward to see them! And good luck!

Great game short and sweet. Sad to say you didn't scare me in 10 minutes! It's still good and, looking forward to your other projects. Also that doggo monster! ;)

Hello I am from India and I tried this game and want to say that this game is really good and can be improved like more jumpscares btw if this game gets full release I am definitely going to play this game 

India is a long way from where we live, so we are glad to hear from you. We went for a more atmospheric horror, so that is why there are not so many jump scares. The plan is to put out a full version of the game next year, if all goes well. Thanks for all your feedback.


It was... interesting?

You think... so? :)


Yeah, would be interested in checking out where could this go ;)

2 years later a demo came out. 

The ER: Patient Typhon:


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Really Fantastic Game Guys Check out my full review here!! Subscribe if you like what I do!! All the help is really appreciated thanks. I recommend everyone to check this game out!!


So I tried out this game, and it definitely has  lots of unanswered questions! I want to see the full game! It was some great fun! Thanks guys! 


Glad you had a good time with the game. I briefly described what a dramaturg is on your youtube video. So if others want the answer, they have to go to your video. ;)


I ... I am overwhelmed.. with the updates..

Thank you Nordic Journey Maker.. You guys rock.. I wuv- I mean love you..


Thanks for replaying. Cool you found the extra secret ending.


loved the game and i honestly didn't think i would get scared but you got me lol! i curios because you talk about big projects! wondering if i could get information on what those are? 

This is a nice neat game, shame it wasn't longer though. I don't know what kind of experiment you are doing with this game but I filled out the survey after completing the game. The game itself wasn't too bad, not as scary as I thought it would be but I do have a question... Why do I not have any arms? I also played the game after the end credits and for those who have not, I recommend you do. I did try searching for more secrets in the game but couldn't find any more. I made a video so I hope you enjoy and I go more in depth 

We are looking at, how to structure a linear game so there is a good narrative flow. Thanks for all your feedback!


I played it. It was very creepy.

The game reminded me of Neverending Nightmares combined a little with Fran Bow, both games I very much enjoyed! This game, even though it was just a piece of experience, delivered amazing atmosphere and dread for me. I am glad I played and recorded it!

We are glad you recorded it and shared. :)


The first game here I played through. Very nice atmosphere.

Thanks and welcome to itch.io.


This game is great, it was really cool and inovative, great job everyone who worked on this, this was awesome!

We are glad you liked it. We will watch your video this weekend.


SKIP TO 4:18


Thanks for sharing.


This is so awesome. Instantly this gave me nostalgic feelings back to Neverending Nightmares.

Good enviroment, awesome sound quality and fun gameplay. I like the hospital enviroment and wish the game could be a bit longer. Having that thing out there is freaky. 

Hoping you getting the time and resources to make ER into a "real game" in the future. Reading that it almost feels like this is a demo of some sort. So much potentials for a good story and fun gameplay. 

Thanks for ER and I'm looking forward what other projects you are working on. 

We have never played Neverending Nightmares, but we have seen it before. It have some great artwork

We have been doing some small tests for the "real" game. For example, we have worked on how we can use the camera to create a more creepy atmosphere.

Thanks for all your feedback. It helps to watch and hear you play the game.


I'll admit I didn't think it was going to be that great judging by the cover of the game but, boy was I wrong this is a short and, sweet horror gem that got my heart racing a bit.

Glad we could get your heart going. Cover images are not what we are best at yet. We are starting to experiment a little with it now. Have you seen the new one? What do you think about it?


Yes I saw the new cover art and, I have to say it looks a ton better than what was there before. I think the new cover art stands out and, will attract many more let's players and, gamers to your game! Hope your team continues to keep up the great work!

Thanks. Appreciate your thoughts.


Fun little game. Looking forward to your other games!

Link to my channel (opens in new tab) youtube.com/jonathick

Glad you enjoyed it. I hope you have recovered.


This was a good little game.  I enjoyed it, it was pretty short, but rather creepy.  I enjoy body horror games and this one delivered.  Keep up the good work, and I look forward to the future games.  

We are glad you enjoyed it. And we have updated the game, so now you can crawl in and become a beautiful butterfly.



Haha.  That's Amazing!

Thanks, ReapeeRon.


Really enjoyed the game! Hope the survey helps!


Yes, it helps, just as your video helps us. So thank you for sharing it with us!


So neat and spooky! Loved it :)


We expect to watch your video this weekend. My best friend is a huge SALAD FINGERS fan, so am excited to watch your video with such a title. ;)


Thanks, man! Apologies in advance for all the Swedish cursing :P


Vi er fra Danmark. So there is a chance we will understand your Swedish cursing. ;)


Sedär! Säg till om ni behöver fler let's plays av era spel ;)


Great short and intense experience. I would have loved more if it had some other scenes as well to increase the tension. Thanks :)

Thanks for the nice words. They are very nice to get.

We are in the process of testing for a possible successor to The ER, which will be a "real" game. So longer with more story, more creepy things and more surprises.

2 years later a demo came out. 

The ER: Patient Typhon:


( It takes time to make a game ;-) )


Nice looking but really atmospheric game. Great job... :)

Thanks for sharing and a big thanks for the rating! Most people forget to rate the game here. Looking forward to watch your video later today.

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